Leader-RainStar a black she-cat with ice blue eyes.
Deputy-Foxleap reddish tom with green eyes.
Medicine cat-Silverfrost                               
Apprentice Leafpaw

Cinderstripe Silver she cat with Silver gold eyes                                                       Apprentice,Pinepaw 
Rowanblaze A russet tom with blue eyes
Cloudysong a white she-cat with Blue eyes                                                                                                                          Apprentice,Tinypaw
Silvermist A silver she-cat                                   Apprentice,Milkpaw
Fernlily a Gray she-cat with dark flecks     Apprentice,Hollypaw 
Moonice Black and white tom with brown eyes.
Squirrelstorm a tan she-cat with green eyes                                                                                 Apprentice,Foxpaw
Bluefire A toirtleshell she cat(Rainstar's Sister)                                                            Apprentice,Jewelpaw
Wolfmoon a gray white tom with purple eyes                                                                         Apprentice,Dovepaw
Lionstrike orange tom(Rainstars Brother)
Burningflame a black and orange tom
Lavaflame a orange,black, and white she-cat
Breezewind a white tom                                              Apprentice,Firepaw
Clawstrike a brown tom with part missing from ear and claw mark on his eye             Apprentice,Dewpaw
Whisperpelt a white she-cat with yellow eyes                                                                          Apprentice,Snowpaw

Plumwish a gray she-cat(Kits:Lionkit and Thistlekit and Flowerkit)
Brightspark a pregnant she-cat(Expecting Burningflames kits)
Owlfrost a brown she-cat(Kits:Icekit,Featherkit,Sunkit, and Briarkit)
Silentfeather(Former rouge)(pregnant with who know who kits.)

Pinepaw  a black tom
Jewelpaw a toirtleshell she-cat
Dovepaw a white she-cat with gray eyes
Firepaw a russet colored tom
Tinypaw a gray and white tom
Hollypaw a black she-cat
Snowpaw a white she-cat
Dewpaw a silver she-cat
Foxpaw a redish brown tom
Milkpaw a silky white she-cat
Echopaw a black tom with purple eyes
Ivypaw a silver she-cat with blue eyes
Creampaw a white she-cat with blue eyes
Patchpaw black and white tom with green eyes

Gingerpelt a tortieshell she-cat
Spottedcloud a leopard like she-cat
Stonecloud a gray tom with yellow eyes
Rubydapple a orange she-cat with blue eyes
Whitewhisker a white tom
Scarfallon a battled scared tom
Lostwing a white she-cat who is missing a leg(lost it in a fight with Sunclan)
Fernfoot a russet she-cat with a black forepaw


Welcome to Meadowclan!you walk thourgh a lush forest that has many trees and pools of water. You look at the ground underneath you as you hear a rustling in the bushes.she flip around to see a Beautiful white she-cat with Brown eyes.She approaches you with two other cats behind her.Your paws are ready to flee,but the she-cat greets you with a respectful tone."Welcome and what is your name?" she meowed quietly and soothingly.You simply state your name.and the she-cat invites you to join her clan.You meow a yes and she leads you to a huge camp which is made out of stone almost like a hollow.You have just joined Meadowclan!

Our camp and territory

Our Territory

A lush and magnificent forest with a water fall.

Leader den

A little tunnel that leads to a large tunnel with a small nest.

Medicine cats den

A little cave that leds to a small cave filled with three pools.

A small cave that leads to a cave with a werid see though twoleg material.Is lined with moss.

The Nursery.

A large cave with many rocks and moss on the floor.

Apprentice den

Under the roots of a large tree,where clan meetings are held,is a medium sized den with large tunnels that lead out of camp.Only the apprentices know about this hole.


1. No swearing

2. No innapropriate pictures or videos

3. No imposing

4. Restpect your clanmates

5. No detailed mating, or sexual content. (regular mating is allowed though)

6. Try and use correct grammar while roleplaying. Both * and " styles are acceptable.

7. You cannot make yourself a warrior if you start as an apprentice. Ask Rainstar when you belive that you are ready

8. Respect and listen to the administrators and moderators.

9.NO means NO. So don't beg or be sour about it.

10. Apprentices may have mates but MUST be warriors to have kits.